Friday, October 24, 2008

Mr. Woods, I presume...

This is for an audience of one but again. However, I think anyone can appreciate what I'm going to say.

I saw a band the other night. Well, three actually. And they inspired me. When you come back this is what we need as musicians playing together. We need to take advantage of your keyboard and we need to use an organ. Seriously, an Organ is one of the best piano sounds out there. When this band used it, it turned the music upside down.

The next element was a lap-steel guitar. I can't even describe why but in the right context (not in a country song) it can sound truly majestic. I see it as an instrument in the same realm as the organ. They both create music but in an inspiring, epic manner. Look into it.

My brother got me Hail to the Thief on vinyl. Now that is a piece of art let me tell you.

Rumour has it Alfredo left telSPACE officially now making it hellSPACE.

There you go, until next time...