Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Like Too Many Things (And So Do You)

It may be that Time Management is the most underrated and unappreciated facet in anyone's life. Of Course this is doubly true for a college student.

Last week I returned to Whitworth with an epic weight upon my shoulders. Papers were calling out to me, saying "write me!" Books were saying "read me!" and I wasted time. Yes, I got some work done, but not nearly enough which is leaving this next week with 4 papers, two film reviews, a test and a mandatory film screening (but it's for The Godfather so that one doesn't hurt too much.)

How did I get here? I like too many things.

Other books, other movies, and too much music is killing my academic career. Well, sort of.

So yes, I spend twenty minutes of my workday creating the most eclectic of playlists on grooveshark comprised of Philip Glass, Duran Duran, Broken Bells and the Waltz with Bashir Soundtrack.

I watch about three episodes of Scrubs a day (they kinda lie on my eating habits, see my food is in my room, and so is my other tv, where Scrubs is cued to play, and what else am I gonna do when I eat?

I spend other parts of my day dreaming of films I could be making and scripts I could be writing.

I read film reviews of Films I won't be able to see (or afford to see) for months.

I write blog posts to quench my narcissism

I debate the importance of Cinema over Theater (which clearly, is a no-brainer, and should not be condemned for its voyeurism.)

I revise my favorite movies section on my Facebook profile just to show my supreme film knowledge (Oh yeah, there's some Truffaut and Godard with Spielberg in there)

I socialize, watch movies, listen to music, and endlessly debate petty things with my very patient friends.

Are these things wrong? No. Should I be managing these activities better? Yes. Was my professor right about using questions to make an argument? Maybe, it's questionable.