Friday, January 23, 2009

Ultimate Showdown: iTunes VS. Zune

Ok, the gloves are off, I'm going after iTunes once and for all. Too many people think that it is the bee's knees and it is my duty as a pseudo-audiophile and overall Windows defender to proclaim that the Zune software is much better. Get over iTunes, come to Zune. Lose the zero and get with the hero.

iTunes is an inefficient music manager in comparison to the Zune software. If your using a Mac then this entire argument is irrelevant because your not on an OS with the capability for Zune. But to all of you Windows users, I want to educate you.

I will show all the features that Zune triumphs in over iTunes.

1. Album info retrieval

iTunes will only grab full details of an Album if it has an Internet connection at the same time it is ripping a CD for you. If you don't have a connection during a rip, you can only manually update the album info. The album art it grabs might be very low resolution and could look terrible on your computer. Zune will grab the album info any time it sees that the album info is insufficient. For all the albums I have ripped, I have never manually typed any info, or personally looked on the Internet for album art. iTunes sometimes doesn't even have the album art so you will be stuck to look for it on your own. It is a very painful and boring process.

2. Zune Social

A part of Zune's software is Social, where you can have other friends, and see what music they listen to. You can also make new friends that have similar music interests as you. When you play a popular band it will give you an artistic display of the band as a screensaver and show you statistics of how popular it is among the Zune community, it will show you most popular song, how many times the band has been played that day and so on. If you have a Windows Live ID (The same one you use for Xbox Live, Windows Messenger or Hotmail) then any other Zune users that are your friends in that list of programs are automatically added to your friends list in Social. If you use Windows Live Messenger, when playing a song it can show to everyone on Messenger what you are listening to. iTunes literally has nothing that can do this.


Mixview allows you to view an Artist, and it will show you in an ascetically pleasing manner the bands that have influenced that band, or bands that have been influenced. It will show you the top listener of that artist in that Zune community. iTunes has a similar feature called Genius, but it isn't as comprehensive as Zune, and when I tried to test it, iTunes kept on crashing on me.


The organization on the Zune software is streamlined for complete efficiency. By comparison, iTunes is a clunkier jukebox. Zune will organize your music by Artist, Album, and Song, just like iTunes. But when you go to a certain artist, it will show all the albums for that artists, using the cover art to organize it, something iTunes can't do. When you are looking at a particular artist, you can see in your social what other friends of yours that also listens to that artist, something iTunes is incapable of doing.

There are weaknesses of the Zune in comparison to iTunes, but these weaknesses are irrelevant due to what they are.


iTunes has a much stronger market for digital downloading. However, both stores pale in comparison to a CD's quality AND versatility.


Zune offers no Internet radio stations, where iTunes does. But if you enjoy good quality music, listening to these stations will not satisfy you because they are not at a lossless quality like CDs are.

There you have it, Zune is by far the better music jukebox and if anyone thinks other wise I encourage them to show me why.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Steven Sigberg

I just watched Schindler's List for the first time tonight. So in honor of a wonderful movie, I would like to point out, once again that

Steven Spielberg is the greatest director of all time.

And let me just make an addendum as to why I think that.

He makes films that become the mother of all films that are in that categorical class of movie. For example, I am willing to say that Schindler's List is the mother of all Holocaust movies. Not to say that all Holocaust films stem from this one, but this is the best Holocaust movie that has been made. Now granted that is arguable. But from what I've seen, this is by far the best one that has been made.

Let's go through his career and see what else he has done.

1. Jaws

Mother of all Shark movies. Considering the competition (Deep Blue Sea, Jaws sequels) this should be a no brainer.

2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Ok, not quite the mother of all Sci-Fi films, but you have to admit that this film really goes against the curve of most films, and at the end you know you liked it but you just can't say what about it you liked, which is the beauty of a sci-fi.

3. Indiana Jones Trilogy (4th one too if your not the most picky moviegoer in history)

These movies are just pure fun. They are adventurous and thrilling and at the end you always want more, making them the best adventure films.

4. E.T.

The mother of all family films. I believe this to be the best example of Spielberg's genre defining films. I don't think any other movie can pose a threat to this one, easily the greatest family film of all time.

5. Saving Private Ryan

There are a lot of war films out there. But if you tell me that after the first 15 minutes that you aren't impressed then, I don't really know what I would say back to you. Because I believe it to be the best war sequence out there. And as for best War film ever? I don't know if I can say that I've found it because there are A LOT of war movies out there. But this one definitely gives the others a run for their money.

Another thing I like about Spielberg is his coverage of a subject or genre. He's covered man eating creatures several times (Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, those ants in Indy 4) He's done POW films (Schindler's List in the west, Empire of the Sun in the East) He's done sci-fi (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. Minority Report, AI, War of the Worlds)

I just can't get over saying it. I love the work of Steven Spielberg and his work will always impress me