Sunday, January 24, 2010

Business or Pleasure?

My Sony Vaio VGN FZ-140E Mainstream Laptop has been broken for two months now.

First I brought it to my school's technical support. They couldn't fix it.

Then I got a recovery disc sent to me from Sony themselves. After 2 weeks of mis-communication and deliberation, the disc finally got to me.

That didn't fix it either.

I have one last thing I can do, wipe the hard drive clear and replace the OS. If this fails me (which, luck tells me it will) I plan on switching.

Oh yes, I'm considering a move to Apple

"WHAAAAAAAAAA!" you must be saying. "Ryan Graves on a Mac?! It's unheard of!"

And it is. But lately, I've been getting so fed up with what PC's have been doing to me lately. First of all the laptop situation. Then windows machines in general do not accommodate digital art very well. And one thing is for sure, Literacy is now evolving into a digital, multi-modal medium that is fast becoming the norm. The need for a good tool for both composing and enjoying this needs to be the best that it can. Therefore, I am thinking of giving Apple a shot.

And it's not Windows alone that let me down. It's the combination of machines and software that did. I still love you Microsoft, but it's time for some discipline to get up to par.

But, remember this dear readers. I'm only giving Apple a shot, not the crown.

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