Thursday, August 26, 2010

Handouts Wanted

When you begin to embrace your passion, you feel this certain energy emanate through your life, because you tell yourself "Everything I do, I do for this!" It's all nice and good when you find your life's calling. Except finding the means to accomplish the end of your passion can be quite the difficult task.

The novelist has the easiest means. The contemporary novelist needs only a word processor and a dictionary and he's ready to write the next masterpiece of our time. For me though, an aspiring filmmaker, I find that I have quite the grocery list of equipment, none you can skimp financially on. Like a musician who wants to make it big, I have to get my instruments, so I can play the best I can. So that means I need, at mininum-

A Camera
A Mic
A Computer
An Editing Suite

There is no way I can get around these four things. As a snob for semi-perfection, these things have to be somewhat professional. So yes, I could film my movies on my decade old camcorder, edit it on my 3 year old laptop, using Windows Movie Maker. But I have made a few films using this equipment, and the films both look and sound atrocious. Now of course I do fault myself with inexperience as a filmmaker which may cause a low quality for these films, but regardless of the content, the presentation is drastically bogged down.

So now I face a toll I faced nine years ago when I needed a drumset. I need filmmaking equipment. But at a pricetage of around 3000 dollars, how can I possibly attain these things? You should let me know if you've got an answer...

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